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Chicago Academy | Mobile Devices - Applications

Course Overview

This course is offered in person at the Chicago Community Academy. For virtual offerings, please click here

Cost : Free
Duration : 01 Hour(s) 30 Minutes

Course Details

With all the different apps and technologies available, where do you start to get the most out of your digital experience. 

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

•Explain digital literacy and how to utilize it to navigate the internet.
•Choose which social applications to use to enhance your life.
•Choose shopping applications to enhance shopping experiences.
•Distinguish which applications will assist you in your everyday life.
•Discuss different components of various personal devices.
•Choose the best platforms to suit your digital needs.
•Explain accessibility features to enhance virtual experiences.
•Explain the use and benefits of the Cloud.
•Understand processes and procedures to keep computers safe virtually and physically.
•Utilize resources to remedy basic problems with your system.

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