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Chicago Academy | Authentically You

Course Overview

This course is offered in person at the Chicago Community Academy. For virtual offerings, please click here

Cost : Free
Duration : 01 Hour(s) 30 Minutes

Course Details

We are all leaders. Someone is watching what we do and how we do it most of the time, so it is important that we are our authentic selves. Your presence reveals itself when you're being the natural you - giving your undivided attention, speaking honestly without dodging issues, and letting your personality flow without fear or anxiety. In this course, we want to find that presence and how it can help you effectively tell your most authentic and effective story. 

At the end of this course participants will be able to: 

  • Recognize the importance of being authentic.
  • Identify the importance of telling your story. 
  • Identify the importance of having a structure to help guide your story. 
  • Recognize different storytelling tips and their importance. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding presence. 
  • Recognize your own presence and how to improve.
  • Practice thinking of ways to improve presence. 

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