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"Matt was an awesome coach and after Interview Skills class with him, I feel much more secure about the interview process. As someone who hasn't had to interview in over a decade, I am incredibly grateful to Walmart for offering these super accessible, helpful courses to the public!" -Jaki

"Thank you for a great first experience with Wal-Mart Academy. PS, the instructor who led this particular class, Chadd, is a real gift: 10/10 for presenting, 11/10 loyalty, 12/10 encouraging the participant to WANT to do better, learn more, grow. Great job!"

"[Mobile Devices class] would definitely be of value to a novice. My facilitator was very knowledgeable, and I enjoyed talking to him."

"Miguel did a great job- it had to be very hard to do a class with one person. I don’t know how to use Zoom either so I’m sure it had to be frustrating. Despite all barriers Miguel had found in front of him, he did a lovely job. I learned a lot of information and will review the participation guide from time to time. I will refer my family/friends/ clients/ community towards these classes. I think it is wonderful that Walmart is offering them, and think once word really gets out, it will be very hard to register. Thanks again! "